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Basically, every bitcoin casino should prioritise fair gaming to make sure that gamers are engaged. So if a player wins it gives a bigger hope that he’s a lucky one. That’s why we have RNG software which ensures fair online gaming.

So what does RNG mean? In this guide we’ll walk you through the basics of this term and explain why is it so important.

RNG Meaning

The RNG term stands for «Random number generator» and refers to an algorithm which produces random numbers.

So while in land based casinos the flip of a card, the roll of a dice, or the spin of a roulette wheel are all governed by luck, crypto casinos have random numbers generator software which gives you trustworthiness.

How does RNG work?

Since we already know what does random numbers generator stands for let’s see how does it work. There are two types of RNG programs:

  1. TRNG — means True Random Number Generator which is a piece of physical hardware generating random value through mechanical process. There are certain indicators producing an unexpected result.
  2. PRNG — means Pseudo Random Number Generator which is based on an algorithm and a seed value and doesn’t require any external data for operating other than a seed. It doesn’t require any external influence to produce a result.

RNG in Bitcoin Casino Games

Random numbers generators are used by game providers to ensure transparency and prove that a game isn’t affected by anyone. It can be used in all casino games except live dealer games. It is used in bitcoin blackjack, roulette, slots and others.

Basically, it is an algorithm that is embedded in the game. The system gives a random value that is translated into tangible results determining the outcome of a casino game.


Apart from RNG there’s another important term called RTP which stands for return to player and its not less important than random numbers generator. RTP measures the percentage of bets that are returned to the player as winnings.

BC.Game RNG and RTP

Two terms are very close but refers to different points. RNG determines the safety of crypto casino while RTP shows how well does random numbers generator work.


Crypto casinos just cannot exist without random numbers generator. While the main goal of RNG is ensuring the safety and trustworthiness it also keeps the game unpredictable and more exciting. And it is advantage of bitcoin casinos comparing their land-based analogs.

Bitstarz Casino

Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, crypto casinos should prove the randomness of their games. That's why they hire independent audit companies to test casino's RNG. This certificate serves as a guarantee of the casino’s integrity and can usually be found on the homepage of the site.

Bitcoin casinos use pseudorandom number generators for virtual games that are not hosted by a real dealer. This is used to ensure a provably fair gaming experience.

Actually, its almost impossible to hack RNG because hackers would have to obtain the seed value and the exact algorithm to be able to predict results.

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