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Bingo is one of the oldest casino games which was changed a lot over the years. There were multiple revivals of this original game until we finally got Bitcoin Bingo.

With the increasing usage of Crypto Currencies Bingo’s popularity has been growing a lot. Such interest in this game is caused mostly by its simplicity and anonymity but let’s dive deeper in details to find out what Bitcoin Bingo is.

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Bitcoin Bingo Gameplay

Bitcoin Bingo gaming process is almost the same as for original game. It’s starts with buying cards which usually act as tickets. You can buy multiple cards for each game but max amount depends on the website where you play.

Once tickets are bought you’ll hear the voice of caller reading randomly generated numbers. During that system will be automatically marking the numbers on the cards of players as they are called out. You will win if you covered all the numbers on your card, or just a line or two, which depends on the game that you chose.

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Types of Bingo Games

There are different variations of this game but we’ll cover three the most popular ones:

  • 75-Ball Bingo uses 5×5 grid of numbers and the objective here is to cover the entire card;
  • 80-Ball Bingo which is mostly different from 75 because there are different patterns to complete to win the game. Also cards are smaller — 4×4 grid of numbers;
  • 90-Ball Bingo comes with 3×9 and three prizes. You can win by covering single line, two lines or get a jackpot by covering the entire card.

Advantages of Bitcoin Bingo

Main pros of Crypto version of this classic game are quite common for all Bitcoin games, such as:

  • Privacy and anonymity;
  • Cheap and easy money transfers;
  • Provably fairness

Moreover, you can enjoy the social aspect of this game. Players join the room for chatting where you can share the emotions of this game with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you use cryptocurrencies to play Bitcoin Bingo you don't have to worry about your anonymity. Moreover, you'll be able to enjoy provably fairness and fast money transfers.

We would suggest to start with 80-ball bingo since chances to win there are much higher because of multiple winning patterns.

Unfortunately, not all Bingo sites accept Bitcoins to bet with. You can use our list of the best crypto casinos to find the casino site where you can play Bitcoin Bingo.