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Bitcoin Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games. The reason it’s so popular most likely because of its simplicity. For starters, blackjack uses the traditional standard 52 card deck. The goal of blackjack is to collect cards that together exceed the value of the dealer’s cards.

The use of cryptocurrency in gambling instead of fiat money has brought significant improvement in the playing experience. On this page, we will go through a wide range of crypto casinos where you can play BlackJack games.

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Blackjack Gameplay

The cards from 1-9 have the same value as they display. An ace is valued at either eleven or one while the king, queen, and jack which are face cards caring the value of ten.

To win at BlackJack game you need to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over. So if dealer has lower amount than yours or exceeds 21 then the victory is yours.

Bitcoin Blackjack

The basic rules of Blackjack are very simple. When you play at Online Casino site cards are shuffled automatically so you only have to place a bet. After that, once both of your cards have been dealt you’ll see possible actions displayed, which are:

  • Stand — do not ask for another card;
  • Hit — ask for one more card;
  • Splitting pairs — If you have a pair, or two cards that are valued as tens, you can chose to use them as two separate pairs;
  • Doubling down — You can double the bet.

Pros of Playing Bitcoin Blackjack

Since BlackJack is know as one of the simplest casino games it has perfect match with Bitcoin. You can top up your funds fast without providing any specific banking info. All you need is to easily set up account and transfer you coins directly to your Crypto Casino account.

Once the account is ready and you got funds there you can start playing. Another great benefit of playing Bitcoin Blackjack is that usually you can playing from any part of the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rules of Bitcoin Blackjack are exactly the same as for classic Blackjack. So you need to get to 21 before the dealer does.

Sure! If you choose to use safe casino websites to play then you can make good money, as Blackjack  is the game with one the best odds for players.
Among such Casino Websites we recommend to try Cloudbet.

It depends on a Crypto Casino where you're going to play. Usually bonuses are restricted with playing only certain games. So before claiming your bonus make sure that you'll be able to play the game which you want to.