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Bitcoin poker is where you get to play this classic table game using the popular crypto coin. It’s one the most popular games in Bitcoin Casinos. Even though it has the same essential rules as classic poker game, you place your bets using Bitcoin which gives you additional perks.

Using digital cryptocurrencies allows you to play anywhere, anytime. Since Bitcoin isn’t controlled by any bank you can play anonymously on various Blockchain Poker platforms.

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Bitcoin Poker Essentials

Basically btc poker game gives you amazing gambling experience but before start playing it’s better to understand its basics.

Bitcoin Poker lexicon

There are different types of Crypto Poker games, but whichever game you choose its better to learn the slang commonly used in this game:

  • Actions:
    • Call — To match wager the wager from previous player;
    • Raise — To increase the amount of previous wager;
    • Check — To not place any bet and pass the action to the next guy;
    • Fold — Means giving up your hand;
    • All-in — To bet all money that you got in a certain hand.
  • Blinds are the mandatory bets place by each player;
  • Hole cards are the facedown cards which are given to a player;
  • Buy-in is a minimum amount that a player needs to play;
  • Community cards are face-up cards shared by players in a game.
Bitcoin Poker at mBit

Poker Rules

Сertainly, you can find a lot of Crypto Poker variations and each one has its special rules but here we’ll talk about Texas Hold’Em Poker since its the most popular one.

In Bitcoin Texas Holdem, each player has only two cards and then uses three of the five communal cards which are dealt in three stages. During each stage players are allowed to make bets.

After all the players made their actions the fourth community card will be dealt in the next betting session. In the end the dealer will reveal the fifth and final community card and after that whoever holds the highest-ranking hand will win game.

Bitcoin Poker Bonuses

Just as other Poker platforms bitcoin poker sites offer you a variety of attractive bitcoin casino bonuses. Here we’d like to give you a list with a brief explanation of each one.

Bitcoin Welcome Bonus

This type of bonuses isn’t just for poker games but for most of the other bitcoin games. Usually it multiplies your deposit to the set percentage offering you more money to play. This bitcoin bonus is a great way for new players to try blockchain poker games for the first time and find the best ones. For example, Bitstarz casino offers 100% bonus up to 1 BTC + 180 free spins on your first deposit.


First of all, you should have an understanding of what is a rake. Taking a rake in poker means bitcoin gambling site takes money for admitting players to the poker table and letting them play. However, these days a lot of btc casinos give you a percentage of the rake they taken by providing a Rakeback bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

Another great way to attract new players is by offering the Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus. This type of bonus doesn’t require a deposit to play because player is given a certain amount of Free Spins to try a blockchain casino.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first thing to do is to find the casino site which accepts cryptocurrencies. There are a lot of such brands so that why we made our list of the best Crypto Casinos.

Nowadays Bitcoin is commonly used in online casinos, so you can play all the major variations of Poker games - Texas Hold'Em, Omaha Hold'Em, Seven-Card Stud, 2-7 Triple Draw, Chinese Poker.

To receive your Bitcoins from Bitcoin Casino Site you need to have a Bitcoin wallet where you store your coins. Then you need to give your wallet address to the Casino Site and wait for your money.

Taking a rake in poker means that bitcoin casino takes money for admitting players to the poker table and letting them play.